Why I run with a Camera

Sometimes people ask why I run with a camera.  I joke that I don’t run fast…but this way I can be the fastest Running Photographer in the race.

That’s not the reason.

The reason is that when I run I’m overwhelmed by the beauty around me. The sky.  The trees.  The water.  And of course the runners!

All of you.  Young.  Old.  Fast.  Or not.  Men.  Women.   Doesn’t matter.  When you run you are filled with a Joy that makes you radiant.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by such Beauty, and use my camera to capture it as best I can.


One response to “Why I run with a Camera

  1. You just made my day, I want to start running with a camera, because I too, am just overwhelmed with the beauty around me on my runs. You go man!

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