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Witch Way to the 5K

The “Witch Way to the 5K” is a Halloween-themed race at the Lurgio Middle School in Bedford, NH. Kids and adults race while dressed as witches and superheros. Their capes flow gracefully behind them as they run.

It’s got a good-sized hill so no one is likely to set a PR (Personal Record)…but it’s a fun race, followed by a great buffet and a very good raffle.

Come! Run with me now…

(I took this photo, and the others below, while running.)

All right! Let’s get to the good stuff–an HD video that puts you right in the middle of this race. Go ahead! Click the ‘Play’ button below. (And be sure to view the video in Full-Screen, so you’ll see the race in panoramic, high-resolution.)

Were you at this race–and if so, what did you like best about it? What could be improved?

(If you weren’t there, I hope these photos and HD video gave you a taste of the race…and I hope I’ll see you at a race next week.)

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