Lowell 1st Run

(c) 2010 by Ken Skier.   All rights reserved.  

On this first day of 2010, hundreds of runners celebrate by running in the inaugural Lowell 1st Run.   There’s snow on the landscape but the weather is mild as we sprint into the new year. 

40 seconds into the race...

(I took this photo, and the others below, while running.

One happy runner!

Is there any better way to greet this new year?

Go, Krissy!!

Three runners in perfect sync.


All right!   Let’s get to the good stuff–an HD video that gives you a first-person experience of running this race.   Go ahead!   Click the ‘Play’ button below…


Were you at this race–and if so, what did you like best about it?   What could be improved?

(If you weren’t there, I hope these photos and HD video gave you a taste of the race…and I hope I’ll see you at another race next week.)


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