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Run a Pleasant Mile 5K

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The “Run a Pleasant Mile” in Tewksbury follows the same course as the Fudgecicle 5K, a midwinter race for hardcore runners who don’t mind temps near zero.

Today I’m taken aback. I’ve never seen my Fudgecicle friends with bare arms…bare legs..and faces free of ski-masks!

Come! Run with me! This HD video puts you right in the middle of this race. (Be sure to view it in Full-Screen, so you’ll see the photos in panoramic, high-resolution.)

Were you at this race–and if so, what did you like best about it? What could be improved?

(If you weren’t there, I hope the photos in this HD video gave you a taste of the race…and I hope I’ll see you at a race next week.)


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